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Is your Business Ready to Return to Work ?

Mark Johnson
April 2020

Relaxation of Lockdown

Whilst current Government advice is to work from home where possible, there are discussions in the media about a relaxation of the lockdown. Some businesses that were able to stay open during the initial lockdown, such as food retailers, construction sites etc have implemented measures such as those around social distancing and hygiene. Whilst we at MK2 initially found that a large proportion of contractors closed sites, more and more are now re-opening after implementing revised health and safety measures. What will measures be for relaxing the lockdown for your business? Now is the time to start planning and implementing any practical and physical changes.

Government Advice

Whilst there is no framework yet from the UK Government about relaxing the lockdown, today (23 April 2020), the Scottish Government issued a COVID 19 Framework for Decision Making.  Within the document, key elements are as follows;

Easing restrictions will not mean returning to how things were before the virus. Physical distancing, hand hygiene, and other critical behaviours will be essential in each sector. We will engage with experts in each sector to understand the practical consequences, for example, of what physical distancing would mean for schools and education, transport, business, and recreation. The capacity of business and industry to innovate to find different ways to function will be critical here.

Easing restrictions in particular settings is likely to see the continuation of physical distancing and other hygiene measures (such as maintaining 2 metre distancing when premises re-open and/or limiting the number of people that can be in confined spaces at the same time).

How can MK2 Help?

We work for both landlords and tenants in a variety of different property sectors, including offices, industrial, retail and hotels. We currently manage sites which are still operational, albeit with restrictions and safety measures in place. However, we know that lots of offices and industrial buildings are currently empty and this is where we can assist you in being prepared for any relaxation of the lockdown.

For landlords, key considerations include a need to ensure social distancing remains in position within your building. This may require a review of entrances and exits and circulation routes, hygiene procedures and welfare facilities, “hands free” solutions, lift procedures and of health and safety procedures for staff as well as many other measures. The physical 2m social distancing can be a challenge in certain environments and our expertise will be able to assist in possible solutions.

For tenants, once your staff are in the property again, one of the major issues is how to adhere to social distancing recommendations within the environment. Have you worked out the maximum workforce safely viable within the current social distancing guidelines? It is possible that undertaking small changes to the existing layout can also increase the potential number of people able to safely work within the current social distancing rules. Circulation space and review of entrances and exits are also key as well as various other elements such as hands-free solutions and positioning of hygiene stations. We can offer advice on this with space planning and practical solutions so that your premises are ready.

For both landlords and tenants, we understand that cost is a major factor in these difficult times and some of the measures possible do not necessarily incur significant cost. At MK2 we would like to assist you with preparations to safely restart your business.

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